Morocco: nearly 50 suspected supporters of jihadist groups arrested

Source: africanews

Around 50 people were arrested on Wednesday across Morocco during a major anti-terrorist raid targeting suspected supporters of jihadist groups, local media said, citing security sources.

Among them, 21 were placed in police custody under the supervision of the prosecution, said the same sources.

These arrests resulted from simultaneous operations in several cities of the country, led by agents of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) and special anti-terrorist forces of the General Directorate of National Territory Surveillance (DGST).

The suspects are believed to have “sworn allegiance” to the Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda jihadist groups.

According to these security sources, searches led to “seizure of bladed weapons”, and “publications advocating terrorism and documents relating to methods of manufacturing explosives”.

If Morocco has been spared in recent years by attacks linked to jihadist groups, its security services regularly report anti-jihadist crackdowns and foiled attack plans.

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