Military was not afraid to accompany MPs to Bawku-GAF Denies

Story: Yaw Takyi

The Military High Command has rubbishes  reports that it failed to provide security for members of the Parliament’s Defense and Interior Committees who wanted to visit troubled Bawku on business.

Naval Captain Michael Addo Larbi, Director of Public Affairs at the Ghana Armed Forces, said, the military was ready to provide the necessary security until the Committee members called off the trip after a briefing in Tamale.

Members of the Parliament’s Defense and Interior Committees cancelled a planned visit to Bawku last month in response to recent killings in the municipality.

Naval Captain Michael Addo Larbi, Director of Public Affairs for the Ghana Armed Forces, claimed  they did nothing wrong.

“The first thing one gets in a conflict-prone area is the security brief on the ground and that was given to the committee in Tamale. The decision by the committee not to go Bawku was not because the military was not there to provide the necessary security. The personnel were deployed with the security council’s expressing preparedness to receive the committee, but the trip was cancelled at the last minute. We were ready to provide security and escort.”

It emerged that about 10 members of the Committee had flown to Tamale but the briefing they had indicated that there was sporadic shooting in the area making it dangerous for them to visit the area.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Bawku, Amadu Hamza debunked the insecurity reasons given by members of the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament for aborting their intended visit to the troubled Bawku township.

He insisted that, Bawku township and its environs are calm and peaceful at the moment and that there is no security threat impeding the Committee’s visit.

The fact-finding mission by the parliamentary committee is part of moves to help restore a lasting solution to the Bawku chieftaincy conflict, which has resulted in the death of many.

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