Mike Gizo unhappy with  unqualified people  becoming  leaders in Ghana

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Former Minister for Tourism and Chief of Agomeda, Nene Nagai Kassa VIII, known in private life as Mike Gizo, says the country must rethink its leadership structure to ensure that responsible people are put in charge of the affairs of Ghanaians.

He explained that Ghana’s current political landscape had become a free-for-all, allowing people of all sorts of backgrounds to become leaders when they were not qualified.

Nene Kasa VIII said,  “we are looking at leadership in a certain form. These days sometimes I wake up, and I hear everybody is contesting for an MP, DCE or Minister. It has become free for all.”

“I think we should go back and look at the people that we are producing for our leadership. You can’t do this in other places except for Africa and Ghana.”

He also dispelled rumours that E.T. Mensah was a “bossy” person, explaining that his attitude was aligned with his work.

Paying a glowing tribute to the late Council of State member, Nene Nagai Kassa VIII, also described him as a hard-working politician whose organisational capacity was top-notch.

“ET Mensah was a very active person, very knowledgeable, he was a grassroots man. Even though he was a top man, his organisational capacity was something because he could organise a thousand people for you within just a few minutes. He knew how to deal with the grassroots, he knew how to talk to people. Later on, people thought he was somehow a bit bossy, but it came with the work.”

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