Marriage Counselor speaks about women


Outspoken marriage counselor, Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has urged ladies to value themselves and have the self-confidence to desist from enhancing their breasts and buttocks just to attract men.

According to Mrs. Oduro, most ladies who undergo liposuction do not believe in themselves and that without the enhancement, men will not propose to them.

The counselor advised ladies to think about the side effects of enhancing their breasts and buttocks.

“Majority of the ladies are lazy and they only think about doing things that will attract men so they can be taken care of. If you are a lady and you allow a man to sleep with you because you need Range Rover and others then you are cheap,” she said.

“Ladies who value themselves will never enhance their breast and buttocks to attract men. If you are a lady and you have small breasts and buttocks value it and stop doing things that will make you attract men”, she added.

She reiterated that,  “Why do you have to enhance your buttocks and breast just to attract the big men in town. Those ladies are just lazy and cheap and they don’t want to stress themselves to get what they want in life.”

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