Let’s build nation on hope

THERE is no gainsaying the fact that the current economic challenges are making Ghanaians gradually pessimistic.

SUCH  an attitude, no doubt, creates a national psyche of hopelessness which does not bode well for national good, reconstruction and development.

BUT if we are united  and have  a positive frame of mind, irrespective of our differences, the country could surmount the current difficulties, just as other nations had done.

ONE thing Today would like to stress is that Ghanaians must avoid making the nation one full of pessimists who are discouraged in times of challenges. Rather, we must endeavour to build our nation on the foundation of optimism.

IT  is equally our conviction, as others have also expressed, that it is time Ghanaians celebrated our successes and trusted that a prosperous Ghana is achievable.

THIS, we at Today believe is attainable during our lifetime and so we must change our way of life and do things in the supreme interest of Ghana. This change must start from all facets of society, including the political class, the Judiciary, the security services, civil society, the media and governance institutions.

ADMITTEDLY, God has endowed Ghana with human and natural resources and we have no reason to fail as a country. 

AS a hopeful nation, it is  our view  that we all denounce negative acts, desist from the practice of sitting on the fence and contribute our quota to the development of the nation. As a country, we must also shy away from the politics of exclusion and bring everybody on board in governance and nation-building processes.

MAY  we never forget that it is God who has put us together in this beautiful country called Ghana and we must do all in our might to let things work  for the better.

WE have   a good social balance and if we all pledge ourselves to high productivity, attaining development heights beyond the sky will be our portion.

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