Leave  DACF Administrator alone  – Minority to Dan Botwe

Story: News Desk

Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, has called on the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Dan Kwaku Botwe, to refrain from interfering in the work of the Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund.

In an interview with the media  , the Banda MP emphasized that the office of the Administrator is an independent constitutional body, not subject to the control or direction of the Ministry.

According to Ibrahim, the Administrator, Irene Naa Torshie Addo Lartey, is accountable solely to Parliament, not to the Minister for Local Government.

He was responding to reports that Dan Botwe had written to President Akuffo Addo, raising concerns about his perceived exclusion from the allocation of funds from the District Assemblies Common Fund.

Ahmed Ibrahim asserted that the autonomy of the Administrator’s office must be respected to ensure the equitable distribution of funds to the District Assemblies.

He emphasized that any attempt by the Ministry to interfere with the Administrator’s work could undermine the principles of transparency and accountability in the fund’s allocation process.

The Banda MP urged Minister Dan Botwe to desist from attempting to exert control over the Administrator’s decisions and advocated for greater collaboration between the Ministry and the District Assemblies Common Fund.

He stressed the importance of an inclusive approach to ensure that the allocated funds are channelled effectively to support local development initiatives

“The constitution is clear that the administrator for the district assembly common fund (DACF) does not come under the Minister for local government, it is clear, it is not like the GETFund nor Health Insurance fund because they are created by the act of Parliament but as for the administrator of the DACF, she or he is an article 71 Office Holder.

“The constitution is clear that the administrator is answerable to Parliament, the act 936 is clear and the constitution article 252 is also clear that she is answerable to Parliament, she must write to parliament, it is clear.”

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