Lawyer ridicules Ejura report

Story: Rueben SACKEY 

Counsel for the family of Ibrahim Mohammed popularly known as Macho Kaaka, Oliver Barker-Vomawor,  has likened the report by the ministerial committee of inquiry into the Ejura disturbances to ‘homework’ of a Senior High School student.

Barker-Vomawor intimated in a social media post that, the reason government delayed in releasing the report was because of how it was couched.

“The Ejura Committee report! I see why they did not want to release it. It reads like an SHS homework,” he shared on Facebook.

The #FixTheCountry convener is the second person close to the family of Macho Kaaka to rubbish the report by the committee.

Nasiru Mohammed, a brother of the murdered activist had already said that the family was not satisfied with the work of the Justice Koomson-led committee.

He said that report was inundated with discrepancies which makes it difficult for understanding.

He also refuted suggestions by the committee that a feud within the family culminated in the murder of Macho Kaaka.

“We have lived for centuries and there is no feud among us. We think that in the law court, we can examine some of the testimonies because some of the witnesses knew they were going to peddle falsehood, so they went in camera. So to be frank, we are not happy with the report, it contains a lot of speculations and factual inaccuracies.”

“Going through the document, you will realize that there are a lot of factual inaccuracies. But what can we do? It is human beings who sat before four individuals, and they came out with this, so we have to study it. But generally. I have problems with everything about the findings and recommendations,” he stated.

Among other things, the committee established that the invasion of Ejura by the joint police and military force was an overkill as there was no clear danger by the residents.

The committee also established that the averment by the military that the protesting residents fired gunshots was a palpable lie.

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