Lawyer backs  AG’s decision to appeal  Aisha Huang ruling 

Story: News Desk 

Private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu has lauded the Attorney-General for his decision to appeal the sentencing handed out to Chinese galamsey kingpin, Aisha Huang.

The Chinese national was sentenced to four and a half years in prison in addition to a fine of GH₵48,000 by an Accra High Court on Monday, December 4, 2023.

The verdict has raised concerns among many stakeholders and citizens who consider it lenient.

Amongst them are Inusah Fuseini and Professor Frimpong Boateng, who have questioned why Aisha Huang was tried under the old mining Act instead of the amended Act.

Following the concerns, the AG, Godfred Dame issued a statement on Tuesday, December 5,  2023 declaring his intention to appeal the ruling to demand stiffer sanctions.

According to Mr Kpebu, the AG’s decision will further strengthen the confidence of the citizenry in the constitution.

“It’s good that the Attorney General is going on appeal, it will strengthen our jurisprudence so that is good. Because let’s not forget that justice emanates from the people so where there is a groundswell of disappointment with the sentence and citizens are asking that why can’t we use the new law, it’s good to test the law,” he said.

The legal practitioner said he was one of the people who had tested a few laws in the Supreme Court, although many people had told him that he wouldn’t win. 

“There is no harm in trying, so it is good the Attorney General is saying that he is going to go on appeal. That is good. Let’s test the law,” he added.

In the same statement by the AG, it cautioned the public to desist from comments that do not only jeopardaise the efficient administration of justice but also undermine the fight against illegal mining.

But Mr Kpebu completely disagreed with that aspect of the statement.

According to him, allowing citizens to talk when they disagree with certain decisions serves democracy better.

Justice emanates from the people, so sometimes you can have a clear law but where it does not sit well with the citizens, out of the noise the citizens make, we are able to fashion a new law. So, this one it is good,” he added.

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