Landlord sparks anger Over fingerprint lock for tenants who don’t pay rent

door lock which is to keep tenants who fall behind on rent.

The video was shared on TikTok by Jennifer Sushka, who goes by the handle nerdypinkpanda and was almost universally criticised.

The clip was captioned: “Here is the fingerprint lock they installed to track us… they would lock people out if they were late on rent.”

She then demonstrates how to enter by pressing her thumb on the scanner before she is able to open the door.

It is also claimed the high-tech equipment leaves an electronic record of when they enter and leave their home, sparking safety concerns.

In the comments, Jennifer claimed her landlord would use the technology to “intimidate” their tenants.

She said: “They have an app. And sometimes they would lock people out to intimidate them”.

As well as being an “invasion of privacy”, some said, it also raised fears the gadget could enable stalking.

But TikTok users are infuriated by the clip, with some pointing out the landlord has installed a way to track his tenants – as well as having the opportunity to bar them from their own home.

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