Kwesi Aning cries for ECOWAS & AU

Story: Yaw TAKYI

Director of Faculty of Academic Affairs & Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre. Prof. Kwesi Aning,  has stated that, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and African Union (AU), have lost respect from its member states.

Speaking on Joy News on developments in Guinea after President Alpha Conde’s removal by some military forces, which was monitored by  Today Newspaper, Prof Aning noted, the lack of action by the ECOWAS and AU, has resulted in the loss of respect for these institutions.

He also blamed the international community for letting the people of Guinea down, because Guinea is a signatory to some of these bodies.

“The Guineans have failed themselves and the international community has failed the people of Guinea. Guinea as a signatory to ECOWAS instrument and African Union instrument expected that when it flouts or does not comply with the values and norms inherent in those protocols and conventions, (that) these two multilateral agencies which Guinea is a member would automatically trigger some response mechanisms incrementally so that the regime in Conakry is aware that its actions are not tolerable.

“But because failure or unwillingness to apply the structures within these conventions have become the norm, rather than the exception, everyone flouts these rules with respect to the rule of law, human rights, democratic transitions, changes in constitution and extension of term limits; because both the AU and ECOWAS protocols and conventions are very clear.

“There are certain things member states cannot do. But we hear this deafening silence and only an ex post facto response that has honed out the respect and credibility of these institutions,” Prof Kwesi Aning explained.

Prof Aning’s comments come after Prof Alpha Conde, was ousted by Guinean Special Forces who have since promised to change the country’s political makeup.

President Alpha Conde, in October 2020, won a controversial third term, but only after pushing through a new constitution in March 2020 allowing him to overturn the country’s two-term limit.

His actions had been condemned by the opposition and described as an abuse of power.

Conde’s inauguration was graced by prominent personalities across the world including Presidents from the African continent.

Other recent military takeovers preceding the one in Guinea were in Mali and Chad.

Meanwhile, ECOWAS has condemned the coup in Guinea and has demanded the release of Alpha Conde who was arrested by the military.

ECOWAS is further demanding a return to constitutional rule, stating that failure to do so will attract sanctions.

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