Kenya’s President Ruto dissolves entire cabinet

Source: africanews.

Kenyan President William Ruto fired his entire cabinet on Thursday.

Only the Deputy President and Prime Cabinet Secretary were spared.

Ruto said public sentiment following widespread anti-tax protests sparked by a controversial finance bill prompted the action. 

Ruto declined to sign the bill but still faced pressure to dismiss non-performing state officers and reduce the size of government and government spending.

“Recent events that necessitated the withdrawal of the finance bill, which will require a review and reorganization of our budget and fiscal management, have brought us to an infection point,” Ruto said in a state address on Thursday.

Ruto said he would consult with different sectors, political formations, and Kenyan citizens to set up a “broad-based government” that will be “lean, inexpensive, and efficient”.

He plans to announce those additional measures later.

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