Kejetia Market closed down after fire outbreak

Story: News Desk

The Kejetia Market in Kumasi has been shut temporarily for an assessment of the extent of damage caused to the facility in Wednesday’s fire.

The first and second floors of the market went in flames late Wednesday, destroying some shops.

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) says there is no record yet of injuries and casualties.

Due to this, the facility has been closed. It is expected to be reopened at midday, according to a statement signed by management.

On the occasion, traders affected by the incident wailed while they try to salvage as many items as they can.

Some of the victims who collapsed due to the smoke were carried to health facilities nearby.

The part of the market which was under fire is known as ‘Dubai’.

According to the eyewitness, he was purchasing items from a female trader when he heard her radio set’s battery running low.

According to the man, he left his wares briefly with the lady to buy something from another area.

On his return, he saw a little smoke emanating from the trader’s shop.

“The area where she had plugged the radio was where the smoke started from. She had arranged so many things around the electric socket.

“The lady is on the same lane with the carbide vendors. The carbide got in contact with the fire and caused an explosion,” he added.

In another instance, a lady tumbled from the top floor of the market in a bid to escape fire. Distraught onlookers screamed as they watched her fall to the ground

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