Josephine Eshun Nominated

*For STEM ORT/Coconut Grove  Best Teacher Award

Ms. Josephine Eshun has been nominated for STEM ORT /Coconut Grove  Best Teacher Award .

She is one of the best two teachers of the first stage of the programme. She is a twenty – three year old and a student of Our Lady of Apostles College of Education studying B. Ed.

Early Childhood  Education.

Ms. Josephine Eshun during the period has exhibited a higher degree of proficiency, punctuality and regularity.

She has attended all her lessons well ahead of time to enable prepare for the days training program.

She ensures the safety of the Arduino components by arranging them and putting them in their rightful place whenever they are in disarray as a result of the exuberance of the kids, thus ensuring minimal loss or damage to our assets. She undertakes regular cleaning of the training center. She is highly committed to her students to the extent that she escorts some of them to their bus station to board vehicles so as to ensure their safe and timely arrival home..

She is by far exceptional amongst her colleagues in terms of taking good care of the entire facility and nurturing the kids.

One of her students, Emmanulla Amissah Mensah, a nine year old pupil of Elmina Catholic Girls, who before the starting of this project did not have any basic computing skills, has become one of the best students in terms how to do hardware connections such as the connection of LED Lights. She has also mastered the art of developing coding for sprite animation using scratch S4A and was one of the kids who excelled in the program.

In her, Emmanuella’s project, she made hardware connections using LED and servo motor and controlled them with coding of spirte rotation for 360 movement.

Photo by Denny Müller

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