Johnson Ellen Sirleaf kicks against recent coups in Africa

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Former President of Liberia, Johnson Ellen Sirleaf, has voiced her concern over the eruption of coups in African countries, stating that they pose difficult situations for African leaders.

Having experienced a coup in her own country, she emphasized the devastating impact coups have on nations and their citizens.

Madam Johnson Ellen Sirleaf emphasized that coups should not be tolerated and do not offer solutions to any of Africa’s problems.

She pointed out that empirical evidence shows that coups lead to destruction, deaths, and a setback for the affected countries. Rebuilding a nation that has suffered a coup is described as a herculean task.

In an interview with Citi TV which was monitored by Today,  the former President expressed her worry about the series of coups that some African countries are facing.

She acknowledged ECOWAS’ efforts in responding to coup attempts and thwarting them. Additionally, she urged African leaders to uphold and promote democracy in their respective countries as it is essential for progress and stability.

“I am worried about the coups and I think every African has to be because coups have never solved any problem in Africa. What the acclamation or justification is, the results based on empirical evidence is that coups lead to devastation, it leads to deaths, it leads to destruction and sets a country back and my country Liberia is an example.

“When you look at other countries, they will tell you when the country is destroyed, rebuilding is so difficult so I think as a leader in Africa, it is very difficult.”

She applauded ECOWAS for being responsive in trying to foil coups in African countries and expressed hope that African leaders will promote democracy in their countries as required of them.

“ECOWAS has been a very strong institution trying to respond to anyone that attempts to take power without going through the proper means and we hope all our leaders will commit to ensuring democracy.,” the former President of Liberia added.

However, sending a message to African women, the first female President of Liberia admonished women to go past their fears.

“Get as much knowledge and information as you can, and go past your fears. Determine what your goal is and give it courage because there will always be obstacles but you can overcome them with determination,” she entreated.

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