Jagger Pee regrets acting in Ghana

Story: Nana Akua Ampong

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Jagger Pee has stated categorically that he regrets being a Ghanaian actor.

Speaking in an interview with ghanaweekend.com, the veteran actor asserted that whoever has chosen the acting profession in Ghana has chosen a very noble profession but at a sleazy location.

He expressed his discontentment with the income and revenue derived from making movies in Ghana, adding that though the Ghanaian movie industry had not served them well, “they’re forging on for posterity’s sake so that the future leaders of the industry can possibly make a change’.

“Seriously, If I were to die and reincarnate, I would prefer being an actor abroad than in Ghana…the acting profession is good but not in Ghana…it’s really a crappy location to make acting your profession… You act for many years and the money is just peanuts,” he bewailed.

-Sounding extremely disdained, the veteran actor added, “even though the Ghanaian movie industry is not booming, we are still soldiering on just to pave the way for our successors in the industry to come and possibly make a change”.

In 1996, Born Abeiku Nyame, Jagger Pee was sentenced alongside his friend and music star, Gee Man following a shooting incident at the CFC Flats Dome in Accra, in which a taxi driver was killed.

He was granted amnesty after serving two years of his life sentence, half of which was on death row.

He was one of the leading actors in Ghana in the 90s and has made a tremendous contribution to the Ghanaian movie industry in spite of his stint in prison.

Jagger Pee starred in many hit movies and TV series like TV Theatre, ‘Ogboo’, ‘Fatal Decision’ ‘Man Woman’ and ‘Chorkor Trotro’.

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