Institutional suppliers opposes change of school uniforms  

Story: News Desk 

The  National Association of Institutional Suppliers has vowed to resist the Education Ministry’s proposed rebranding of public schools and the introduction of new school uniforms.

In a statement released on May 2, 2024, the association emphasised its determination to resist any government initiative that threatens the job security of its members.

Expressing deep concerns, the association highlighted the government’s recent move to centralise suppliers for both basic and senior high schools, which they argued adversely affects their businesses.

According to the association, many of its members have suffered financial loses and have been forced out of business due to these policies.

The statement signed by the National Secretary of the Association, Amoah Talhir, added that while the Free SHS programme aimed to alleviate financial strain on parents, it should not come at the expense of small and medium-scale enterprises, as they believed was  currently happening under the Ministry of Education’s directives.

“The fact remains that the Free SHS programme was meant to reduce the burden of parents but not to collapse small and medium scale businesses to add to the critical unemployment situation as being perpetuated by the Ministry of Education now. It is worth knowing that our membership of over 200 is spread across all the regions of the country.  

“Our husbands, wives, workers, children, and other dependents are voters and also Ghanaians who have the right to live. Any attempt this time to introduce any policy that will go further to render our members jobless will be fiercely resisted.

“We urge the powers that be to bring the Minister to order to refrain from the dubious contracts that benefit only him and his cronies. 

“He must remember that very soon, the masks of all such companies will be unveiled, and the relationships between the Minister and them will be uncovered too,” the statement read. 

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