I wanted to kill myself at a point-Funny Face reveals

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Comedian and actor Funny Face has revealed that he once attempted to end his life with a rat poison.

Speaking in an interview on 3FM which was monitored by todaygh.com he stated that at the time had already returned home after receiving help from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

However, following the death of his brother, and the death of his father he had a tough time coping with the grief.

“My brother died, and they broke that news to me at the psychiatric hospital. That news made me feel like I wanted to die,” Funny Face noted that after this he went through other ordeals.

Funny Face said that that was the time he was robbed in his home and left with nothing but a pressing iron.

“My father died days later,” he revealed, stating that at this point he did not want to live anymore and thus made an attempt to buy rat poison.

He said that after purchasing the poison he waited for this change. “That was when it hit me that I was not ready to die. If you want to die why are you waiting for change.”

The comedian said following the treatment is when depression could get worse explaining that people are faced with the consequences of their actions prior.

“You come back and realise the things that you did. Because you’ve done a lot of stuff, now the consequences and the guilt will be weighing on you.”

All of this coupled with the death of two people dear to him, Funny Face said he has a rough time. 

However, with the help of his manager who stayed with him and remained his rock throughout the period, he was resolved to fight and live better.

Funny Face advised people in such situations to not give up on their lives. “Everything you go through, if you stay focused, you would look back at these times and laugh, I am a living testimony.”

“There will be somebody you trust, don’t give up on the person. Trust them, speak to them and listen to them. For me, that was my manager,” he urged.

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