I prayed to God to take my life – Celestine Donkor

Gospel singer Celestine Donkor has disclosed  that her family was impoverished,a situation she said it difficult  to pay her school fees when she was enrolled at Labone Senior Secondary School.
Celestine Donkor, a talented student, stated she was in a predicament since it was clear that her goal of being in school would not come through .

“I begged God to end my life. I was a kid at the time. The difficulties I was confronted with were overwhelming. “From primary school through JSS, I was the greatest student in my class,” she said. “I was one of the few pupils in our district who received honors. Everyone was pursuing their studies because of money, except for me. I was in tears. My mother cried as well. I pleaded to God and begged, “Why?”

Labone Secondary School was my first pick. There was a list with my name on it. We were given a price range to spend. My parents tried but failed to raise the funds. They were able to gather cash after a month, but the school claimed admittance was closed.”

Despite being heartbroken by the news, the award-winning artist, who holds a degree from the University of Ghana, advised her parents to enroll her in another institution.
“I noticed an advertisement on TV for a new school called Insaaniyya Senior High School, and I persuaded my parents to accompany me there to inquire about it. We were the first batch at a new school with a wonderful environment,” she added, adding that this was the start of her success story.

“We were preparing to leave for a holiday. During morning devotion, I generally sang. My school mother contacted me and requested that I perform a song. She stated that she would want to take me to her church to sing. We went, I sang, and people gave me money. When I had finished, a man approached me and inquired about my parents. I stated that they had returned home. He stated that he wished to provide me with a scholarship. I had no idea who he was. I was subsequently informed me that he was Azumah Nelson the famous Boxer. Looking at how things ended I thank God for not being able to attend Labone senior High school.

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