I joined Al Hilal because of money- Kalidou Koulibaly

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Senegal defender, Kalidou Koulibaly, has openly acknowledged that his decision to join Saudi Pro League team Al Hilal was primarily driven by financial considerations.

Koulibaly, who previously played for Chelsea, was recently introduced as a new signing for Al Hilal, marking the end of his tenure in the highly competitive Premier League.

It has been reported that the 32-year-old will receive an astonishing £300,000 per week salary at his new club, placing him among the ranks of numerous high-profile players who have made the move to Saudi Arabia in the past year.

In an interview, Koulibaly shed light on the reasoning behind his departure from European football, emphasizing the significant financial benefits it would bring.

“I cannot deny it; I am going to Arabia for the monetary aspect.

This opportunity will enable me to support my entire family’s well-being, from my parents to my cousins,” stated Koulibaly, as reported by ‘Corriere dello Sport’.

Furthermore, the Senegalese defender expressed his intention to invest in his charitable organization, Capitane du Coeur, in Senegal.

“We have initiated the construction of a clinic in the village where my parents were born and raised.

I have numerous projects aimed at assisting young people,” he explained.

Additionally, Koulibaly underscored the religious aspect of his decision, citing his Muslim faith as a significant factor.

“As a devout Muslim, I find solace in the fact that I am relocating to a country that aligns with my beliefs and values.

The proximity to Mecca holds great importance for me, and I anticipate a stronger sense of spiritual connection,” he elaborated.

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