I am not seeking for s sympathy– Yvonne Nelson

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Actress Yvonne Nelson has indicated that her memoir is to tell her story and not to ‘seek sympathy or validation.’

“Correcting other people’s accounts of me is, however, not the reason I am telling my own story at this stage. I am not here to seek sympathy or validation. I am not here to challenge anyone’s version or correct anyone’s narrative,” she said in her book.

As much as possible, she said her book “I am Not Yvonne Nelson,” was to help posterity make meaningful decisions.

“I am writing because I have a story to tell. I am here to be real. I am here to open up, especially to a generation of young women that needs the truth to make decisions. I am here to find the most important answer to the most nagging question about my life,” she added.

Ms Nelson underscored that she had covered quite a distance but what she has envisaged before her was more ambitious than what was behind her.

“So, I am not writing this because I think I have peaked. It is said that a person’s speed in the battle of life is determined by the speed of his or her pursuer. That which is determining the speed of my run started its vicious and supersonic pursuit before I was born,” she added.

Ms Nelson revealed that she had been silent, apart from a few hints she had dropped in her book and in some major media interviews.

“Some people, mainly bloggers and reporters in the entertainment industry, have tried to take the disjointed bits and pieces and weave their own stories about my life,” she added.

According to the actress, they had tried to convince their audience that their version of her story was the one and only definitive account.

“Some of those strange stories sound like works of fiction grounded in real-life scenarios, at least with a real character. I have engaged in some firefighting in the past, trying without much success, to extinguish some flames of untruths, half-truths and outright misinformation,” she stated.

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