Hundreds gather in Tunis at rally in support of Palestinian people

Source: africanews

Hundreds of Tunisians from various political and ideological backgrounds came together in Tunis to express their unwavering support for the Palestinian people.

The Protest drew attention to the dire situation in Gaza, where approximately one million residents have been displaced due to a week of intensive Israeli bombardment 

“There isn’t an event linked to Palestine that doesn’t bring Tunisians of all political and ideological persuasions together, and in my opinion, Palestine is the cause that unites Tunisians,” expressed Bahri Arbaoui, a demonstrator.

 Ammar Jmaai, another demonstrator said:

“The Tunisian people, even if they have distanced themselves from politics in Tunisia and avoided political demonstrations, remain vigilant in the streets, especially when it comes to the issue of freedom.”

 Around one million residents have been displaced in the Gaza Strip by a week of heavy Israeli bombardment, carried out in response to a bloody and unprecedented attack by Hamas militants on Saturday 7 October. 

The escalation of violence in the region has resulted in a significant humanitarian crisis, prompting Tunisians to voice their concern and empathy

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