‘Homosexuality is hormonal disorder’

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Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Mental Authority, Dr. Akwasi Osei, has said that some of those practising the LGBTQI+ are born with estrogen and testosterone disorders.

The CEO made these comments in on Onua Fm/Onua TV.

 He disclosed that the majority of those living with such tendencies can be classified as a mental disorder, which can be corrected.

Mr. Osei also opined that others go into LGBTQI+ because they emulate their peers without reasoning how society will look at them.

He referenced the early 60s when gays and lesbians were referred to as a mentally ill group of people because they craved same-sex relations that were contrary to the norms of the law.

According to Dr. Osei, the LGBTQ+ community pressurized the judiciary to revoke the laws against their activities and erase the notion that their activities were mental disorders than their right to live.

“Some fraction of gays and lesbians in our society were born with an inborn tendency of abnormal hormonal imbalance, which can be corrected. Others also involved themselves in this sodomy because friends and relatives are into it.”

He expressed that the criteria used in the case of the United States Psychiatric Association determining the behavioural of LGBTQ+ then was based on random votes and not scientifically based.

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