High court  to telecast live  anti-LGBT+ bill hearings today

Story: News Desk

The Judiciary will open the High Court today for live media coverage of the anti-LGBT+ bill proceedings.

Previously, the Chief Justice allowed media houses to livestream the hearing of Richard Sky’s injunction application on the anti-LGBTQ+ bill. 

Now, the Judicial Service has extended this access to all cases related to the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

This was after the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame, urged the Chief Justice to permit live coverage of proceedings related to the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, commonly known as the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

In a letter to the Chief Justice, the Attorney General cited significant public interest in the anti-gay bill as the basis for the request.

“Respectfully, in view of the public interest in the cases concerning the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill 2024 (the Bill) I would like to recommend that the media (including radio and television) be given full access to the relevant courts to undertake coverage of all proceedings in those cases concerning the Bill,” he wrote.

He added, “It is my respectful view that the transparency to be engendered by a coverage of the proceedings would be in the best interest of the administration of justice.”

He specifically mentioned cases in both the Supreme Court and High Court that would address the legality of the bill.

To date, four cases have been filed across various levels of the court system regarding the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

Two will be heard at the High Court, and the other two at the Supreme Court.

One of the High Court cases is scheduled to be heard later today in the General Jurisdiction 8 courtroom.

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