He disappointed us- Former SM Militant to Shatta

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Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, has been savagely called out by three former Shatta Movement Militants.

The three, Addi Self, Natty Lee, and Joint 77 in a recent interview noted that their former boss could have done better in support of their music career.

According to them, they gave their all while under Shatta’s record label but couldn’t boast of any positive return at the time of their exit.

Natty Lee, speaking in an interview  said, Shatta Wale‘s support seized when their camp was hit with some misunderstandings.

He said: “In the beginning, we had each other’s back, we supported him and he also supported us until the misunderstanding. I will say that he also did his best.”

Also, Addi Self disclosed that they looked up to Shatta. He intimated that their decision to join the Militants was supposed to be a business venture and not just about their loyalty to the SM family.

“We just supported ourselves, it was all love. Ghanaians knew that we were signed so we were under a record label so it was a business. It became like our job it wasn’t about the loyalty,” Addi Self disclosed.

Former Militant, Joint 77 who was caught up in a feud with his former boss also expressed disappointment in the celebrated dancehall musician. He noted that Shatta failed to push them after the release of their hit songs.

“He (Shatta Wale) brought disappointment. Me, for instance, I wasn’t expecting money from him, any money he is making belongs to him but I was expecting that after the release of our song ‘Taking Over’, ‘Forgetti’ and ‘Thunder Fire’ which became big songs, we should have continued on the same path so we could also make money from our own sweat but it never happened. That was the beginning of the whole thing because we also have a family to cater for. We didn’t expect that he gives us his money but rather push us with our music. Now we are pushing our own brands, we are doing good one day the credit will go to one person that’s Shatta whether it goes well or not.”

They, however, credited the ‘Dancehall King’ for paving the way for them in the music scene. The three artistes who are now solo have asked the public to support their music.

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