Has the nation benefitted from the church?

THE Church is an institution that has existed from the very beginning of human existence.
IT is believed that in early times nations were governed by priests because their knowledge in matters of governance was superior and were also respected by the society.

CHURCHES have since those times contributed to the development of many nations, especially in the area of governance.

THE Church has also contributed immensely to the provision of health and educational facilities across the country, and has even moved to other sectors such as microfinance, insurance and the provision of social amenities.

AND all these contributions we know for a fact that it has brought some economic gains and improved the quality of life of the citizens.

BUT, it does seem to us  that the foremost roles of the Church, which are soul-winning or evangelism and the promotion of righteousness, are fast eluding it.

SADLY, the Church has now joined in the fray of amassing wealth through falsehood and rituals, by a section of pastors to the detriment of the larger number of citizens.
INTERESTINGLY, some pastors nowadays have abandoned the teachings on Christian virtues, instead they find it comfortable preaching on prosperity, which, in itself, is not evil.

WHAT makes this situation dangerous however, is the fact that Christians are now getting caught up in the ‘get-rich-quick’ syndrome and have neglected the principles prescribed by the scriptures.

SELF-acclaimed pastors have arrogated to themselves the power to make people rich overnight, by asking them to do certain things which unsuspecting Christians also follow through without asking questions.
THE outcome of this is people no longer want to work for genuine money but depend on directions and rituals they are asked to follow through to get wealth.

MOST times, these fake pastors who call themselves ‘men of God’ do not only end up duping people and leading them astray, but also help to produce lazy people who get frustrated in life when they lose everything.
WHILE Today believes that the day of retribution awaits the false teachers and prophets of our time, we are of the view that the high incidence of ‘sakawa pastors’ would be reduced, if the true churches teach their members the right doctrines.  

WE need to understand that nobody become rich overnight by just declaring a fast and praying. Wealth has always been the reward for genuine hard work and it is time churches taught their members this basic principle of life.
WE also urge Christians to learn to study the scriptures on their own, so that no trickster will come under the guise of teaching the word of God to deceive them.
PERHAPS harsh economic conditions contribute to the incessant prayer vigils which sometimes run into several weeks.

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