Groupe Nduom holds mid-year  management  retreat

  Story: Atta Kwaku Boadi

Groupe Nduom, a multinational conglomerate has held its mid-year management retreat in Elmina in the Central region with a call on staff and management to be loyal to the Groupe.

The President of Groupe Nduom Ghana Dr. Nana Kweku Nduom and the management team that was installed into office in January led the three day review session.  Dr Nduom urged the managers to be steadfast and ensure that the Groupe always focuses on its objectives to be successful in the challenging business environment.

A number of specific recommendations were made which will require follow up to ensure that the companies take full advantage of the benefits of being part of a diverse group of companies to overcome market place challenges.  

In his opening and closing remarks, the Chairman of the Groupe, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom  said, he is proud of the Groupe Nduom companies.  He encouraged the leadership of the various companies to produce positive results so that he can be part of the success stories of companies in the Groupe.  He cautioned them to understand that sometimes success draws envy from those who can’t compete; and when some of those people find themselves in positions of authority, they tend to use their powers to destroy those they cannot compete with.  So, they must be vigilant and protect what the companies have built, some over a period of 30 years.

Although the founder of Groupe Nduom who is also a renowned businessman and entrepreneur noted that overall, in the past few years, the companies had gone through some challenges, he was still confident that future of the Groupe is bright.

However, he said.that this could only become possible if the staff and management of the Groupe demonstrate commitment towards the growth of the various companies under the Groupe.

Dr Nduom also stressed the need for every worker to be loyal. According to him, loyalty must be a powerful guiding principle of every Groupe Nduom staff.  

He also noted that success would not come if ‘’we don’t work hard for it”.

For example, the astute businessman recounted how he became a partner of Deloitte and Touche USA through a dint of hard work.  He gave an account of how he has reaped the benefits of being a loyal and successful employee and partner of the firm; and asked the participants to embrace discipline, loyalty, courage, self reliance and saving for rainy days.

To this end, he further urged the staff of Groupe Nduom to always remember that hard work pays.

Groupe Nduom is a multinational company which is into  hospitality services, insurance, education, banking, investment, real estate, media, sports among others.

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