GPRTU reverses to  old transport fares

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In a surprising turn of events, road transport operators find themselves in a deadlock with drivers as the anticipated 10 percent fare reduction announced earlier this week fails to materialize.

The transport operators in an  interview with the media,  appealed to the general public to continue paying the existing fares until their leadership convenes to determine the way forward.

The reduction in fares, which was set to take effect on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, had brought about a sigh of relief among users of public transport.

The announcement had come as a result of consistent marginal reductions in the price of fuel, providing an opportunity for operators to pass on some savings to commuters.

-However, it appears that some drivers have chosen not to comply with the directive.

In reaction to the developments, the Industrial Relations Officer of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Abass Imoro said “there was a problem which came out with the reduction of 10%, so we said there should be cease-fire. We are pleading with the general public to continue with the old fares till our leadership meets on Monday to look at the way forward.”

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