Gov’t begs Pensioner Bondholders to exercise patience over unpaid coupons

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Deputy Finance Minister, Abena Osei Asare, has made a passionate plea to Pensioner Bondholders, urging them to exercise patience as the government scrambles to secure the necessary resources to settle their unpaid matured coupons.

Despite rainy weather conditions, members of the Pensioner Bondholders Forum resumed their picketing at the Finance Ministry on Thursday, June 1, to demand the payment of their outstanding coupons and principals.

After a meeting between the Ministry and the Pensioner Bondholders, the group temporarily suspended their protest with the understanding that all overdue coupons would be paid, while discussions regarding principal payments would continue.

However, after two weeks the government has yet to engage the pensioners on the way forward, with some coupons still outstanding.

In light of these developments, the pensioners have resumed their protest, hoping the government will address their demands.

However, the deputy Finance Minister earnestly implored the pensioners to temporarily suspend their protest while the government actively seeks funds to fulfill their obligations.

She emphasized that the government was  not intentionally neglecting the payment of outstanding coupons. Instead, the delay is primarily caused by the unavailability of funds and the prevailing economic crisis.

“We don’t intentionally stop them, sometimes it’s difficult, it is the ability to pay and so when it is not there it becomes a challenge, but we also have to communicate that to you. So, for now, our focus should be on the five outstanding, and then we talk about how we will manage the principal payment. So we

“I sincerely appreciate where you are coming from. This has never happened when coupons are ready for payment and the government is struggling to pay, but currently, we all know the circumstances we find ourselves in, so I will plead with you so let’s sit and clear, and then we will see the way forward.”

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