Ghanaians urged to accept Nat’l Cathedral

…As gift from God

Story: Nana AKUA  AMPONG

, Chairman of Board of Trustees, National Cathedral project, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah has urged Ghanaians to embrace the National Cathedral project as a gift from God to the country.

As such, all and sundry, particularly Christians should pull every resource together to put up the historical edifice to God’s glory.

“The Cathedral, with the inclusion of the Bible Museum and Biblical Gardens will give the Cathedral an enhanced outlook.

“It will also make it an educational and research resource centre as well as another centre of attraction of the country. The Cathedral has the potential of drawing the world to Ghana.” he said.

Apostle Onyinah made these comments on Sunday during the unveiling of the National Cathedral Fundraising Strategies in Accra.

The Apostle said the project would cost US$250 million and that Government had provided the land for construction and a seed money of ten percent of the total sum.

He said if churches were able to mobilize at least one million people who would faithfully commit themselves to contribute a minimum of GH¢100 every month for three years, starting from September 2021, enough funds could be generated for the Project.

The Chairman said fifty key church denominations had been selected to provide some expected number of people to contribute a minimum of GH¢100 a month for one year starting from September, 2021.

This, he said if done could generate GH¢100 million, thus about US$ 16.67 million every month or GH¢1.2 billion which is about US$200 million a year.

He said other churches had been identified and given some suggested minimum numbers to be considered for contributions.

Again, all Christian churches would be expected to set aside one week within every year for prayer and offerings towards the Project.

“The weekday will be used to pray for the country and project. On Sunday, special offerings are to be taken to support the construction. The period is to be labelled ‘National Cathedral Week,”he said.

He said corporate bodies in the country and Ghanaian Christians and churches in the diaspora would also be contacted to make contributions.

Apostle Onyinah said on September 19, 2021, all churches are entreated to launch the fundraising at their levels to whip up greater enthusiasm and participation.

“If the date isn’t suitable for any church, a more suitable date can be chosen. During such programs, free will offerings and pledges are expected to be taken.”

“Similarly, it is expected that the fundraising will be launched in all regions across the country. Free will offerings and pledges will also be taken at such events,” he said.

He said individuals and cooperate contributors to the fund would have their names on an electronically generated “Hall of Fame” in the Cathedral where visitors can just click to identify and appreciate them

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