GAC intensifies advocacy & campaign

Story: Nana YAW TAKYI

The Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) has called for an intensified advocacy and campaign as new statistics show that the rate of new HIV/AIDS infections among minors is increasing.

Director-General of the Commission Mr. Steve Gyeremeh Atuahene disclosed this in an interview on Rainbow Radio which was monitored by Weekend Today .

He explained that new infections among children from 0-14 years were 3,596.

Also, it was discovered that older men are infecting young girls by deliberately not protecting themselves.

He said 5,211 young people between the ages of 15-24 years contracted the virus with, 4,325 being females and 866 being males.

He said this major problem, and we must adopt measures to address the rate of infections in this age bracket.
He advised older men to stop infection with young girls with the virus.

”The older men sleeping with the young girls are not wearing condoms. They are not using protection. They are deliberately sleeping with these young girls and infecting them.

He indicated that persons who are infected are also not taking their anti-retroviral drugs as required by their doctors.

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