Flooding challenges in Accra

FLOODING in Accra has in the past years become a major source of worry and concern to the city authorities.

IT therefore did not come to us as a surprise when the new Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey after assuming office  kicked the ground running by ensuring that the Accra  city like all other  capital cities in the world  attains the  status it deserves.

ELSEWHERE  in Africa and the developed world, torrential rainfalls are experienced seasonally that cause temporary disturbance for the flow of traffic.

BUT, while  these situations abate with the stoppage of the rains, the situation is different in Accra. In our case all that it takes for flooding to occur is just some light rainfall, as occurred at the weekend in Kasoa .

OUR situation has been primarily caused by refuse that has been deposited in our drainage systems to choke our gutters, thereby impeding the free flow of rain water.

BEYOND  the flooding situation are  also  scores of challenges that confront the city of Accra, among them the unauthorised siting of structures, some of which sit in areas that should have been allowed for the passage of rainwater, as well as the dumping of solid waste at unapproved areas.

ROADS  in the city are riddled with potholes, traffic lights fail to work regularly, creating needless gridlocks that sap energy from road users en route to their various workplaces. 

IN fact, it appears that in our part of the world, we are  good  at paying lip service to matters that engage our attention and for which there is the need to put our thoughts and hearts to work in alleviating the plight of those who suffer the brunt more.

IT  has now  even  become a common spectacle to see goats, sheep and other livestock competing for space with vehicles and other road users, even though the city authorities have clear regulations against the indiscriminate presence of livestock within the city.

WE  believe it is high time we took  practical action to address these challenges that threaten to undermine the progress we have made as a people.

THIS is where we think the laws of the land must work without fear or favour of anybody.  Those responsible for all those acts that affect other members of society adversely must be  punished for their actions.

INASMUCH  as  we want the city authorities to up their game by ensuring that proper measures are put in place  to deal with the flooding situation in the city,  we must  also  work on our attitudes  as a people.

WE can’t continue to do things in the same old way  and expect positive results. As a country,  we must set our priorities right and know what we want.

AND if  we all agree that flooding in   our capital city is a problem, let’s all come on board and support whoever is leading the charge.

IT is for these reasons that, we commend  the  effort  and  the patriotic spirit of  Mr Quartey  to ensuring that the perennial flooding in Accra is dealt with.

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