Fire Service investigates officer jailed for beating bailiff

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Ghana National Fire Service has constituted a committee to investigate the conduct of one of its officers, Emmanuel Ayitah Quansah, who was handed a two-day imprisonment for beating a court bailiff.

The Fire Service officer was found guilty of contempt by the Accra High Court for beating the bailiff who wanted to serve him with documents in a civil case.

Speaking to the media  , Director of Public Relations at Ghana National Fire Service, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Grade One (ACFO 1) Timothy Osafo-Affum said the committee has been given two weeks to recommend appropriate sanctions against the officer while also urging other officers to be disciplined.

He indicated that it was  important to probe the officer to instill the needed discipline in the Service to avert future occurrences.

“It has come to our attention…so an investigative committee has been put in place and the officer is to appear before them and the committee has been given two weeks to present its report to the Chief Fire Officer.

“For us, we have a stringent disciplinary code and it is a legislative instrument and so we expect every officer to go by that disciplinary code. The reason why we have a disciplinary code is that we are the only institution in the country that does not need any authority before we can enter anybody’s premises and so we desire officers that are very disciplined.”

According to the facts of the case, Mr. Quansah teamed up with his household to beat up the bailiff who was performing his official duties.

The bailiff was to serve some processes on the fireman in an ongoing case before the court, but Mr. Quansah refused to accept the processes.

“The bailiff [then] threw it at him. The respondent [then] decided to beat him up,” the documents from the court sighted by read.

According to the fire officer, he took matters into his own hands and dealt with the bailiff because the latter “should have served him in his office [instead].”

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