Fire Service commence probe into collapsed Kasoa building

Story: News Desk

The Kasoa Municipal Fire Command has announced that an investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the collapse of a health centre under construction in a community called Assemblies, located in the Ga South Municipality.

The incident resulted in the death of one person and four others suffering severe leg fractures.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the structure caved in after the rains started.

Some people raised concerns about the quality of materials used in the construction, suggesting that this may have been a contributing factor to the collapse.

In an interview with the media  , Municipal Fire Commander in Kasoa, DO3 Mercel Kwami Avadu, said that the investigations would begin soon.

“It may appear that inferior materials were used, as we can all see when we touch the building, it feels like it is made of scrap. However, this does not necessarily mean that inferior materials were used. We need to conduct further investigations to determine if this is indeed the case, and to find out if the engineer is qualified and has followed the proper procedures for constructing the building. These factors will need to be considered in order to determine whether shoddy work was done or whether the right thing was done,” the Municipal Fire Commander in Kasoa said.

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