FFIFA rejects  Belgium away shirt

Source: news.sky.com

Belgium have been instructed by FIFA to change their away shirt because it has the word “love” written on it.

The white kit, which also features a rainbow trim, is not related to the OneLove armbands which England and Wales backed down on wearing yesterday, but rather a collaboration with the Tomorrowland music festival.

Nevertheless, FIFA has insisted the word “love”, which is written on the collar, be removed.

Peter Bossaert, CEO of the Belgian Football Association, said: “The word love must disappear. It’s sad, but FIFA leaves us no choice. The rest of the equipment remains unchanged.” The team have also been told they cannot wear their multicoloured warm-up kit and their captain, Eden Hazard, like Harry Kane and Gareth Bale, will not wear the One Love armband.

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