Embracing Your Postpartum Body And Ignoring The Pressure To “Bounce Back”

Article: Abyna Dubai

Every new mom is sick of celebrity “body after baby” stories. Women who gave birth yesterday and today lay next to the pool in a two-piece swimsuit promote unrealistic goals.

Each one of us has seen hashtags on Instagram like #bounceback, #babyfatwhere #beatthemombod, and we wonder why does everyone want to get rid of their postpartum body so quickly? 

Celebrities who have a perfect body one month after giving birth put enormous pressure on new moms because they tell women they need to work hard and choose dangerous diets to erase their post-pregnancy body and bounce back to their pre-baby body. 

But instead moms should celebrate where they are at because your body experienced huge stress when it carried and nurtured the baby for nine months and literally just did something miraculous. 

While we’ve seen so much media attention on celebrities who “snap back” to a size zero after having a baby, there are more and more celebs utilizing their social media platforms to show the realistic side of postpartum life, including Nana Ama Mcbrown ,American musician kelani and Tracy sarkcess . And let’s not forget Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle – a woman who isn’t afraid to choose her own terms on when to step out of the house after having a baby, when to show her baby to other people, and how slowly she wants to regain her previous body 

Thankfully there is more awareness about the importance of mental health and support that moms need to feel their best while looking after a newborn. There are lessons we can learn from the wave of women choosing to be open and honest about this experience. So how can you embrace and honor your postpartum body?

Accept and appreciate yourself

Our global culture still doesn’t celebrate the strength of women in the way it should, as seen by ingrained sexism and policies that view women as less-than. But thanks to a large and growing online community of moms who are sharing their stories and empowering each other to recognize the strength it takes to carry a baby and give birth, mothers’ voices are starting to be heard more. 

Enough of the idea that “women are the weaker sex”. What is most important is to recognize the incredible feat of strength your body allowed you to endure during pregnancy and childbirth.

Your body will change and this means that you won’t have a pregnant body forever. Extra weight, large breasts from breastfeeding, painful legs, and sleeplessness will all pass. Even if you feel like you are stuck in the motherhood abyss, it will all change the moment your baby will grow up. It can feel like a never-ending cycle in the moment, but as you grow with your baby day by day, you will start to notice changes, and sometimes for the better. 

When you are stuck in the awkward in-between phase where maternity clothes are too big but your regular clothes are too small, it can be a difficult adjustment in terms of body image. Be patient because your body will adjust and you’ll soon regain the shape that makes you feel healthiest and happy.   

Celebrate your body for its strength

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