Election 2024 : Ken Kuranchie to go solo  in Okaikwei North 

Story: News Desk 

The defeated  parliamentary aspirant of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in Okaikwei North constituency in the Greater Accra region, Ken Kuranchie  has announced his intention to contest as an independent candidate in the 2024 parliamentary elections.

In an interview with  the media, Mr Kuranchie who is also  journalist  expressed his determination to secure victory in the December elections.

“I am very deeply unhappy as to how the parliamentary nomination system and the whole parliamentary primary process was conducted by the party. By the party at the constituency, by the party at the region, by the party at the national.

“The way and manner the party bent rules and did away with rules and laws in order to make certain things possible. I am deeply unhappy. So that also informs my reasons to get out of that political party.”

“I am not deceiving myself that it is going to be an easy contest. I am contesting against two of the major political parties in Ghana. They have soldiers on the ground. They can count a certain number of people to immediately go to work for them.

“I do not have that level of organisational structure in place now. So it is for me to do the hard work to get on the ground, build my own organisation, make my own friends, build my own structures and see whether I cannot fight and beat the two political parties here,” he stated.

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