Education Ministry backs GES’s decision to interdict WASS headmistress

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The Ministry of Education has defended the decision of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to interdict the headmistress of West Africa Senior High School (WASS), Dr. Shine Agatha Ofori.

The GES took action against Dr. Ofori for allegedly collecting illegal fees from students.

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) called for the headmistress of WASS to be reinstated with immediate effect.

But reacting to the issue, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Education Ministry, Kwesi Kwarteng, said the GES took the right decision because it was evident that the “the leadership of the school actually levied students. So that is far different from people or parents voluntarily coming in to support a course in the school. But of course, come to think of it with particularly what NAGRAT said, but then the question is: Is it only WASS that has challenges? Why is it that all the close to 900 SHSs do not also charge the same?” he queried.

Meanwhile, NAGRAT believes that the decision made by the GES is emblematic of the challenges faced by various senior high schools across the country.

While the Regional Disciplinary Committee of the Service has been assigned to investigate the matter, Angel Carbonu, the president of NAGRAT, at a press conference asserted that the headmistress did no wrong and that the government should rather shift its focus towards financially resourcing these schools in order to enhance the overall quality of education provided in the schools.

Students of WASS were being illegally levied by the school.

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