Dumsor: Give us time table-Atta Akyea to ECG 

Story: News Desk

The Abuakwa South Member of Parliament (MP) , Samuel Atta Akyea, has urged the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)  to release a schedule for the current power outages (dumsor).

According to the Chairman of the Energy Committee of Parliament, there is no prior notice from ECG as electricity goes off abruptly, causing significant disruptions.

Speaking in an interview  with the media, the former Works and Housing Minister stated that “this is unfortunate because we need a time table.”

He emphasised that the availability of a timetable would enable people to anticipate and adjust to unstable electricity, allowing them to plan their activities in advance.

“People will plan around the timetable available, people will know whether to iron their cloths ahead of time, when they should cook and store it in the fridge,” he added

Mr. Akyea stressed the importance of ECG providing a timetable for the power outages, stating that Ghanaians would prefer having a schedule over experiencing random power cuts whenever ECG wishes to turn off the lights, which he said is highly undesirable.

“So no matter the permutation, I’m of the humble view that we need a timetable, until the situation will normalise, then you take off the timetable.”

Although government functionaries have largely refused to acknowledge the power sector challenges, Mr Atta Akyea, a member of the governing party stated emphatically that electricity generation has no party colours.

“Electricity generation has no party colours. I want to stress that because at the end of the day if you are NPP you will consume electricity, if you are NDC you will consume electricity, so it  is only professional to say we are having challenges, but because of the hard fact that we don’t want to inconvenience you unduly, this is the plan, you can enjoy electricity at this time, then people will plan around the timetable available” he argued.

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