Don’t use global economic recession as excuse to cheatemployees  – ICU-Ghana to gov’t

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The Industrial and Commercial Workers Union Ghana (ICU-Ghana), a member of the Organized Labour, has issued a stern warning to the employers, emphasising they will not allow public sector workers to be short-changed under the guise of global economic recession.

This warning comes as part of this year’s May Day celebrations on the theme, “Election 2024: The Role of Workers and Social Partners in Securing Peaceful Elections for National Development.”

In a statement released by the General Secretary of the union, Morgan Ayawine, it was explained that while economies were  on the path to recovery, the government must make a concerted effort to enhance the conditions of service for private and public sector workers.

ICU-Ghana warned that any attempts by the government to undermine these efforts will be met with strong opposition from the union.

Mr Ayawine stressed the importance of recognizing the critical role played by workers and social partners in ensuring peaceful elections and national development. 

He emphasised that workers’ rights and fair treatment must not be compromised, especially during these challenging times.

“We must jealously protect and guard against any employer who may want to short-change labour under the guise of global economic recession when it has been established that economies and businesses are recovering and the outcomes are positive,” an excerpt of the statement said. 

Furthermore, the union issued a caution to employers who resort to converting permanent job positions to casual and contract work in order to maximize profits, urging them to refrain from such actions.

ICU-Ghana emphasised that such practices not only undermine job security but also contribute to the erosion of workers’ rights and dignity. 

They called on employers to prioritise fair employment practices that provide stability and security for workers, especially in the face of economic challenges.

The union reiterated its commitment to fighting against any form of exploitation and unfair treatment of workers, highlighting the importance of upholding labour standards and promoting decent work for all.

According to ICU-Ghana, it aims to ensure that workers are not left vulnerable to exploitation and that their rights are protected in the workplace.

“Whilst we work collaboratively with our social partners to increase jobs and protect same, it is pertinent to sound a note of caution to employers who indulge in such demeaning practices of converting permanent job positions to casual and contract work in a bid to maximize profit, to halt it completely, as it is not only demotivating but also unacceptable and may eventually backfire on them”, the statement said.

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