Don’t misuse Naphthalene products-FDA warns

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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned the general public regarding the proper use of Naphthalene-containing products, stating that it is registered as an insecticide in Ghana.

In a statement released on Tuesday, June 4, 2024,  the FDA emphasised that these products should only be used for their intended purpose and under the instructions on the label.

The labels on registered Naphthalene products in Ghana, according to FDA contain warnings and cautions, including the need to keep them away from children, food, water, and fire, as they are flammable.

It has prescribed specific labelling requirements for Naphthalene-containing products, including directions for use and proper storage instructions.

The Authority stressed that misuse of the product could result in adverse effects, but following the usage instructions carefully will ensure safe use.

The FDA urged the public to adhere to the labelling instructions for Naphthalene-containing products and all other chemicals to ensure their health and safety.

It  announced its effort to collaborate with relevant agencies to ensure the safe and sustained use of Naphthalene products in Ghana.

“In Ghana, the FDA has registered Naphthalene-containing products for use as insecticides. The FDA wishes to inform the public that labels on registered Naphthalene products in Ghana contain sufficient information on their proper use, warnings, and cautions.

“These products should not come into contact with children or food, including water, and as a flammable material, should be kept away from fire.”

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