Doctors warn against wrong prescriptions

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The Specialist in charge of the Tema Polyclinic Dr. Lenusia Ahlijah has asked Ghanaians to develop the habit of checking their blood pressure at least once a month.

This is to avoid late diagnosis of heart diseases and save lives as hypertension continues to be ranked as one of the top 10 reported cases at the hospital. Speaking to the media  on the occasion of World Heart Day, Dr Ahlijah bemoaned the situation where unlicensed individuals roam the streets with portable blood pressure monitors and prescribe medications for persons after checking their blood pressure.

She said that  wrong prescription could lead to damage of the kidney and liver.

“I know that hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases are on the rise because lifestyle-related diseases. At the Tema Polyclinic hypertension is actually 1 of the top 10 medical conditions clients report with. So today being World Heart Day, I would encourage us all nearest health center to have your blood pressure checked, If you can do that once a month, it would be good”, he said.

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