Crisis at Kejetia Market deepens

Story: Business DESK 

Traders at the Kejetia Market are up against management of the facility over  last week Wednesday’s blackout and the lukewarm attitude in getting separate meters for the shops.

The multimillion Kejetia Market was plunged into darkness after the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) cut power due to accumulated debts.

The first floor of the market was heavily affected, bringing business into a standstill for close to six hours.

An intervention by the City Mayor got the facility reconnected to the national grid.

The Mayor of  Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly(KMA),  Samuel Pyne met the traders after their agitation for possible resolution.

The Mayor sought to get the traders to start paying their accumulated debts, whilst they await installation of separate meters.

The traders, however, insisted  management of the market must first sign the contract for the installation of separate meters before they start paying the debts.

Businesses at the facility owe ECG in excess of 2.1 million cedis, accumulated bills for the past five months.  Our checks revealed that  ECG will cut-off power to the market again on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, if they fail to defray part of the debts.

Operations Manager for Kejetia Traders Association, Ahmed Kwarteng, insisted  they will only start payment when Management of the Kumasi City Market signs a contract for separate meters.

They want City Mayor Mr Pyne to prevail on ECG to extend the grace period for repayment

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