Court orders Nigeria to compensate Yoruba separatist

A court in Ibadan, south-west Nigeria, has ordered the government to pay the sum of about $48m (£35m) in aggravated damages to a Yoruba separatist leader for the destruction of his home.

Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, first achieved some national attention last October when he used the country’s Independence Day to call for the creation of an independent Yoruba republic – separate from Nigeria.

In July the Nigerian secret police raided his home, killing two of his followers and arresting 13 others. The police accused him of stockpiling weapons.

The separatist leader subsequently sued the government, demanding $1.2bn (£827m) in damages.

Mr Adeyemo also sought orders declaring the invasion of his residence as a violation of his fundamental human rights.

His house and cars were riddled with bullets, while there was bloodstain all over the floor of the house.

The government is yet to respond to the ruling. But supporters of Mr Adeyemo have welcomed the judgement.

He is currently being held by the government of neighbouring Benin.

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