CETAG defies NLC directive to call off strike 

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The Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG), is continuing with its strike action despite a directive from the National Labour Commission (NLC) to return to the negotiation table.

This directive came during a hearing on Thursday, where the Commission announced its decision to take legal action against the government to enforce the arbitral award orders in favour of CETAG.

CETAG members have been on strike since Friday, June 14, 2024, due to the government’s delay in implementing the agreed arbitral award and negotiated service conditions.
The award includes the payment of an additional month’s salary for duties performed by CETAG members in 2022.

During the hearing, the NLC emphasised the urgency of resolving the matter and informed CETAG of its intention to take the government to court on June 26 to ensure compliance with the arbitral award.

This legal action aims to enforce the Commission’s previous ruling and address the grievances of CETAG members.

Labour Consultant Austin Garmey, speaking to the media after the NLC’s directive, acknowledged that CETAG’s concerns had been heard.

He urged CETAG to consult with their advisors and make a decision in light of the NLC’s directive to call off the strike.

“We cannot deny the fact that the Commission listened to the issues we raised, and we can say that they have directed the employer to go and fully implement this particular directive.”
“Therefore, CETAG would have to go and meet with their constituents between today and tomorrow and finalise the decision to return to work. That is the way to go because we will be back to the Commission on the 27th.”

“Because the employer is expected to begin fully implementing the award on or before the 26th of this month, and more so when they are in court as well. So, we strongly believe that we must see them respecting the orders as well, and we will go and meet our constituents and talk to them, and then we will put this matter behind us,” he said.

Later in an  interview with the media, CETGA President, Prince Obeng Himang, said, “to be very fair to the NLC’s comment, they said that it was a piece of advice and that we should take steps to call off the action because of the actions they have taken. And we are saying that this is not the first time we have heard that from the Commission. So, merely saying they have taken ABC and D actions, so we should call off the action we are unable to do that. We are going to meet our council so that we look at the advice, look at our interests and then we can make a determination from there. So, not until then, the strike is still in force”.

He maintained that meeting their demands was the only thing that would compel them to call off the strike.

‘We are simply asking the Employer to fully implement the arbitral orders given by the NLC which the Commission even now sees that the employer has not been forthcoming and that they are even going to court to seek an injunction to compel the employer to comply with”, he said.


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