Calm returns to Lugni after chieftaincy dispute

Story: News Desk

Calm has been restored at Lugni in the Nanumba South District in the Northern Region and residents who left have started returning to the area after two suspects were arrested in connection with a chieftaincy dispute that broke out Thursday night.

Life is beginning to normalise with economic activities gradually bouncing back.

The two suspects who were arrested are yet to be charged. The two were seen with guns and were arrested by the police in the area.

The suspects have been given police enquiry bail and may be sent to court on Wednesday or Thursday.

On Thursday there were sporadic gunshots in Lugni between two Konkomba factions.

The chief of Lugni gave kola and enskined a Konkomba leader in the area, the Naamuhi clan, but another clan the Binyam family, was against the selection and resorted to shooting of guns in the community.

Residents in the area who were scared fled for their lives.

The security quickly moved in to restore calm.

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