Bagbin advocates for laws that foster tolerance  

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Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has  urged  legislators around the world to promote tolerance and inclusive development when enacting legislation.

According to him, such actions would promote prosperity and peaceful coexistence in societies.

Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin spoke at the 146th Inter-Parliamentary Union in Manama, Bahrain under the theme “Promoting peaceful coexistence and inclusive societies: fighting intolerance”.

In his address, Alban Bagbin urged lawmakers around the world to enact laws that foster tolerant and inclusive development.

“As legislators, it behooves on us to create tolerance and inclusiveness through the laws that we make through the oversight responsibility of the executive to ensure that our respective countries are set on the path of peace, security and sustainability. We have to commit to holding governments of our countries to eliminate corruption, waste and greed. This is a smooth way of creating a fair, just and prosperous society.

The majority and minority leaders of Ghana’s Parliament, as well as some Members of Parliament, were among the Ghanaian delegation at the event.

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