AstraZeneca faces two lawsuits in London over COVID-19 vaccine

Source: Reuters

AstraZeneca is facing two lawsuits in London, including one from the husband of a woman who died after receiving the drugmaker’s COVID-19 vaccine, in the first of potentially dozens of cases brought in England.

The United Kingdom was the first country to roll out the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021. It later restricted its use to under-40s due to a small risk of blood clots.

Anish Tailor, whose wife, Alpa, died in March 2021 after receiving her first dose of the vaccine, filed a product liability claim against AstraZeneca at London’s High Court on August 4, according to court records.

His lawyer told the Reuters news agency that he has nearly 50 other clients who will formally sue the company in the coming months.

AstraZeneca has not commented on active legal cases.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “Patient safety is our highest priority and regulatory authorities have clear and stringent standards to ensure the safe use of all medicines, including vaccines.”

AstraZeneca is facing a similar lawsuit from Jamie Scott, who was diagnosed with vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, which can cause fatal blood clotting, after receiving the vaccine.

Scott also filed a product liability lawsuit against AstraZeneca on Monday, according to court records. No filings or further details about the case were immediately available.

Hausfeld, the law firm representing Scott, said it represents around 40 other individuals or bereaved families.

The two cases are the first lawsuits brought in England and Wales over an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine, according to publicly available court records.

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