Anto-Aboso explosion: EPA transfers its Western regional director

Story: News Desk

The Western Regional Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), George Diawuo, has been transferred from the region days after the Anto-Aboso explosion that killed five people and left three others unaccounted for.

Diawuo told journalists moments after the explosion that the quarry operator was registered with the EPA to operate, but this position was later refuted by the EPA’s Chief Executive, Dr. Henry Kokofu.

It is unclear whether Diawuo’s transfer is related to the quarry disaster.

According to reports, the Minerals Commission has also reshuffled some regional heads following the explosion.

The Minerals Commission revealed after the explosion that the quarry was operating without proper authorization.

The Commission’s mine inspectors had noticed that the company was conducting nighttime operations, presumably to avoid detection by Commission inspectors and the local task force, which included police and members of the Sand Winners and Quarry Association. During a routine monitoring visit by inspectors from the Takoradi Office of the Commission, it was revealed that the company was engaged in site cleaning and preparatory work and had operated machinery and equipment on-site without obtaining the Commission’s approval

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