Another boat disaster: Eight dead after boat capsizes on River Oti

Story: News Desk

Eight persons are reported dead after a boat headed for a community in the Krachi West district called Kpadzoti capsized on River Oti.

The accident allegedly happened due to the overloading of the boat with about 16 persons for a boat designed to carry just 8 persons.

A former assemblyman for Karachi Nchumuru, Kingsley Chamba in an interview with Citi which was monitored by Today said members of the community are often averse to the use of life jackets even when they are provided for them.

This comes 10 days after five people died after a boat carrying mourners capsized on the Volta Lake on Saturday, March 18.

The boat was conveying the mourners from Azizanya to Azizakpe when it capsized on the lake. The five people died instantly.

The incident which occurred around 9 am on Saturday was allegedly caused by strong winds.

According to an eyewitness account, about 100 persons were crossing Azizakpe, an island community on a 40-seater passenger boat when the incident happened.

The five dead persons were three children below the age of three and two other women. All passengers were without life jackets.

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