Alogboshie JHS now dumping site for refuse

Story: Georgina Boadiwah Ntim, Journalism student, (UNIMAC GIJ)

Students of Alogboshie Basic School in Achimota are complaining about human excreta in their classrooms and surroundings.

Some students have turned   classrooms to place of convenience especially the new blocks  which are still under construction. 

In an interview with a student of the school who spoke on the condition of anonymity, she explained that sometimes, “they find faeces on their desks and in the classrooms and  they have to wait for a  cleaner to clear it before they start classes”.

 ‘”The school washrooms have been locked for almost two months due to their inability to pay for water bill and our water closets are also full, we then have no other option than to defecate in any space we find ourselves in”, another student said.

The unpaid water bills have become an issue to them and the school, which, has left students struggling to find a location to ease  themselves when they need to.

As there is no water in the school, the school has become a defecation centre for pupils to ease  themselves, a situation which has also paved way for residents  to do same.

Another student also said he was unsure whether the headmaster and teachers had spent the money or the government was not paying the bill because the issue has been ongoing for 4 months now despite their complaints to authorities.

Today also noted that the restrooms and the school  surroundings have become filthy, smelly, and messy.

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